Who We Are

Best selection of Men's and Women's Vintage Clothing in Metroplex, Denton, and Dallas, TX. Call us today or book a wholesale service.  Most items under $30. Contact us today!

What We Offer

We offer wholesale and retail of vintage clothing in Metroplex, Denton, Dallas, TX. Click the button to learn more about our services.

Interested in Booking a Wholesale Appointment?

Requirements are as follows:

  • -$500 minimum per time slot
  • -Limit 2 people to appointment or $500 for each additional person
  • -Most wholesale items will be priced $7-$15
  • -Availability is subject to change -please book 48 hours out
  • - Booking will be available Monday - Friday with (1) morning time slot and (1) afternoon time slot
  • - Call for potential after hours availability
  • - Please have tax payer ID on hand or expect to pay tax

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